Internet Trivia #1

Internet Trivia #1
(This post is imported from my old blog which had a two month long life)

This quiz was won by Malavika Varma, a student of Presentation HSS, Calicut

1) Logo of which organisation?

An organization, very much related to Internet


2) If .in is for India, .aq is for?
Ans) Antartica

3) The protocol used for accessing information over mobile wireless networks is?
Ans) WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)

4) World’s first completely free email service?
Ans) Hotmail

5) Identify this person. What is he famous for?

The Indian guy who began something

Ans) Ajit Balakrishnan (founder of

6) AJAX is a language widely used these days to develop webpages. What is it’s full form?
Ans) Asynchronous Javascript and XML

7) This doodle, the winner of 2011 Doodle4Google India competition and displayed on Nov 14, 2011, was designed by?

A Google doodle – Who designed it?

Ans) Varsha Gupta

8) __________ is originally a directory given to students at the start of academic year by the universities in the US for helping the students know each other better. What?
Ans) Facebook

9) This is a frame from a video, known as the first something. Identify a) The name of the Video, b) The person in the video, c) What it is famous as.

Who, what?

Ans) a – Me at the zoo; b – Jawed Karim; c – The first video on Youtube

10) The award known as the ‘Oscar of Internet’?
Ans) Webby Awards

A Google Quiz

A Google Quiz
(This post is imported from my old blog which had a two month long life)

Here’s a quiz on Google, consisting of 10 questions. You may search for the answers, find them and write them as a comment below, or wait for 10 days, until I myself edit the post and add the answers. Have fun, and happy quizzing!

Q 1) Who are the founders of Google? Well, everyone knows – Sergey Brin and Larry Page – the Google guys. Among them, Larry Page is by birth an American, but Sergey, an outsider. Which was the nationality of Sergey before he moved to US?
Ans. Russia (then Soviet Union)

Q 2) This person, a co-founder of a much famous company (recently acquired by another), was the first person to give Google a funding, of US$100,000. Who?

Ans. Andy Bechtolsheim

Q 3) Connect Google and the Burning Man Festival.

The Burning Man Festival

Ans. The first doodle

Q 4) By what name are the new employees in Google known?
Ans. Nooglers

Q 5) Which famous Internet specialist has been the Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google since 2005?

Ans. Vinton Cerf

Q 6) What was acquired by Google on August 15, 2011 from its mother company based at Illinois, US?
Ans. Motorola Mobility

Q 7) Simple one, for all you Google+ fans. If its ‘Like’ for Facebook, what’s it for Google+ ?
Ans. +1

Q 8) Name the Google-owned counterpart of Twitter, originally founded in February 2006 by Jyri Engeström, and purchased by Google in 2007.
Ans. Jaiku

Q 9) Fill in the blanks.
Yahoo : Do you Yahoo?
 Microsoft : Be what’s next
Google : __________
Ans. Don’t be evil

Q 10) Identify this person much related with Google.

Ans. Orkut Buyukkokten