Internet Trivia #2

(This post is imported from my old blog which had a two month long life)
This quiz was won by Zenin Easa of Silver Hills Public School, Calicut. Malavika Varma finished second.1) By what funny name is the censorship policy of China known?
A) Great Firewall of China

2) The first message to be sent across Arpanet was ‘lo’. The network could send only those 2 letters of a word, and then crashed. What was the actual message that was to be sent?
A) Login

3) Straightforward one. Who designed Javascript?
A) Brendon Eich

4) Which is the site launched by People Info Research to look at Google’s monopoly?
A) Google Watch

5) Logo of?


A) SMS Gupshup

6) Which site hosts the deleted pages of English Wikipedia?
A) Deletionpedia

7) X is known all over the world for something. He has worked for Google as its Vice Prez and as its Chief Internet Evangelist from 2005. He is also working on Interplanetary Internet now. Identify X.
A) Vinton Cerf

8) Who?

A) Jeffrey Bezos (founder of Amazon)

9) Originally proposed by Opera, supposed to release in 2012, edited by Ian Hickson of Google. What?

10) Identify.

A) Robert Illiot Cahn (co-designer of TCP)

IT Trivia #1

(This post is imported from my old blog which had a two month long life)

This quiz was won by Vaisakhan Sreekumar from Kozhikode district. Special mentions to Malavika Varma who finished with second place.

1) What is the current tagline of Microsoft, which was adopted in 2011?
A) Be What’s Next.

2) Often, there is a notion that Jimmy Wales alone began Wikipedia. Who helped him to build it? (This guy later made an online encyclopedia named ‘Citizendium’ on his own)

Co-founder of Wikipedia

A) Larry Sanger.

3) The Indian who is called ‘the father of the Pentium chip’?
A) Vinod Dham

4) The latest version of which OS is 16 (Verne)?

[Something] 16 Verne Desktop

A) Fedora.

5) World animation day is on?
A) Oct 28

6) Connect George Orwell and Apple inc.
A) The theme of George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ was used by Apple to advertise its new Macintosh. The ad was a big hit and helped in attracting people to Mac.

7) Expand the term DDR3 SDRAM.
A) Double Data Rate Type 3 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory.

8) Simple one. Identify.


A) Bill Gates and Paul Allen!

9) 1024 x 768 is the resolution of which display standard which was introduced in 1990?
A) XGA (Extended Graphics Array)

10) What computer-related appliance was invented by Gary Starkweather in 1969?

Gary Starkweather – What did he invent?

A) The Laser Printer.