About Me

Fascinated by the world. Procrastinating desperately to leave a footprint.

Hello people, I’m Sulyab, originally from Calicut, now serving a sentence at IIIT Allahabad. My interests spread across Artificial Intelligence research, technological innovations, social activism, literature, music and film-making. Bet you don’t give a fuck about what my interests are.

In the land of the skunks he who has half a nose is king. That explains my life during school.

And this is my life since college.

I love annoying everyone. It’s hardwired inside me.

Sarcasm ought to be declared a religion

I do stuff. Including this blog. If you’re pissed off with anything I do –

With this trophy comes lifetime subscription to an unlimited amount of no fucks.

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I blurted out a lot, didn't I? How about giving you a chance now?

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