A Crazy Personality Questionnaire

How much can the way a person responds to a questionnaire tell about him/her? It’s a debatable question. An ideal questionnaire of that sort ought to help people discover themselves. Questions with no “right answer” may help more in this regard.
Anyway, here are 15 questions that I framed, which I believe, will tell a great deal about a person. A crazy endeavour!

  1. What is the activity that you like to do the most?
  2. What is your strongest childhood memory? It could be happy or sad.
  3. What is the most important thought that gives you the energy to face every new day?
  4. If you could settle anywhere on earth with the people you love, which place would you select? Either give the location, or list the features you’d like to have in such a place.
  5. If you could give every single human some quality (could be good or bad), which quality would you choose?
  6. You are a scientist, and you have just created a robot. Only after it was created that you realized that the robot outshines humans in every way – intellectually as well as physically. You can send a self destruct signal to the robot. However, as the robot is very intelligent, the first thing it will do is to override the self destruct program, and any other control you have over it. You have 3 seconds to send the signal before your control is overridden. Will you send the signal?
  7. You realise that you have just 3 minutes left to live. What would you do in that span?
  8. You realise that you have just 3 days left to live. What would you do in that span?
  9. You realise that you have just 3 months left to live. What would you do in that span?
  10. Assuming that the universe was made by a God, and you were that God, what are the three things about the universe which you would have done/designed differently?
  11. If you could go back in time and change one attribute of your birth (gender / place of birth / religion etc), which attribute would you change, and to what?
  12. If you had all the money and luxuries you could wish for, so that there is no need to work, what would you do all day?
  13. If you could go back in time and talk to your 10 year old self, what single piece of advice would you give him/her?
  14. You can go back to some point of your life and start living again, with the maturity and memories of your current self. Which point will you go to?
  15. All crimes against you henceforth, however serious, shall be pardoned except for one. You may punish the criminal who performs that crime, in any way you choose. What crime will you select?

Think about how you’d respond to these questions, and if interested, send me your responses! 😀