Yet Another November Dream

The instrumental version of a song, titled ‘Yet Another November Dream’, which I composed when I was 14.


Sometimes, nah, every now and then I get a feeling that I used to be much more awesome in the past. As ‘past’ changes with time, so do the stuff that qualifies as awesome. But there are few things which always make me wonder how on earth could I do that, and this is definitely the foremost among them.

Back in November 2010, when I was 14 years old, I wrote and composed a song, named Yet Another November Dream. It was not my first or last, but it was definitely the best. I loved Novembers, I loved nights, and I loved the optimistic, refreshing feel that the tender cool breeze gave as it gently touched my face. This is the end product of trying to bring that feel into music 🙂

The lead guitar track is actually supposed to be vocal. I had big plans – not just to sing and mix this track, but to compose a whole album – but you know, LAZINESS.

Your opinions are most welcome!

Geek note : The composition was done on TuxGuitar and was processed on FFmpeg and Audacity. Long live FOSS!