The ratio of number of quizzes I’ve won to the number of quizzes in which I’ve participated tends to zero 😦

I’ve had better luck in the role of Quizmaster – I’ve conducted few quizzes in Calicut and Allahabad. After all, asking questions is a much easier job compared to answering questions!

Quizzes conducted by me

➡ 22 August 2015 – Technikwiz, a Tech quiz conducted under the banner of IEEE Student Branch of IIIT Allahabad. My first major quiz as a QM :’)

➡ 18 October 2015 – Cognoscentia 2015, the flagship quiz of IIIT Allahabad

➡ 4 June 2016 – Double Barrel, a general quiz for school students conducted jointly by my dad and me, as a part of Reverberate 10.0 Quiz Festival

➡ 28 August 2016 – Technikwiz 2016, my first national level quiz as QM! 😀

➡ 21 March 2017 – Quizzero, a tech quiz conducted as a part of IEEE Computer Society India Symposium 2017 at IIIT Allahabad